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Hey Folks

What a Hoot

What a Hoot

Welcome to the new TommyRoxMusic Site, Big Love out to Kevin Frazier, my Forever Friend & Bro, for building it & knowing how to treat us Sensitive Artists! Being One himself.

We will be updating it in the next while so your patience is appreciated. We hope U enjoy the music, it comes from a Lifelong Love of delivering songs to all Citizens… Clearly what I was brought here to do.

“Imagination is the Preview of Life’s coming Attractions”!

I raise my glass to you all…

Tommy Rox

Hello Friends

Hello Friends

I am looking forward to staying in touch with all my friends and fans via my new website.  I am told that this new site will make it easy for a semi-technology challenged guy like myself to easily post events, upload new music, and share my musical life as it unfolds.  Bear with me as I begin to wrap my hands around all the new tools I will have at my disposal.  I plan to make all my music available for purchase right off my website.  Even many old classic records done in my youth.  I will also post video clips and photos from live shows as they are made available.

I hope you will stay in touch with me and check my gig calendar often so you can keep informed about where I am playing.  I also am starting a mailing list that you can join here on the website.  You can be certain I will not be spamming you with email as I barely have time to check it myself.  That said I will try to send out a notification if I am playing in your neck of the woods.  Because I am living on both coasts Florida in the Winter and California in the Summer I will keep two separate lists so I do not bug you if you live on the opposite coast of where I am playing.  Please be sure to check the California or Florida button… Just in case you want to get both mailing as I have made the option to get both!

OK… lets see how this new fangled technology works… Feel free to post a comment on my website and let me know your were here!

Lots of love,